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Now it’s the time to rethink about your business. You are at the right place to charge your business with Anax Corporation Of India. We are the best lead generation company in Jharkhand, India.

 Cost per lead : Rs. 50/- to 150/- (Approx)

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If you are looking for lead generation marketing agency in India, You can contact us.

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Only pay for Business leads

A business lead generation firm in Jharkhand will not only help you generate inquiry for your products or services but also promote your company a whole. We use our lead generation strategy on Google search and Facebook Display Marketing, We charge you based on leads only

Why Choose ANAXCO?

Increase income:- An experienced lead generation organization like us can help you increment the income by utilizing different plans. We understand what is suitable for your industry and drive the leads that increment your income.

Implement overall strategies for you:- Don't stress over the execution, as a lead generation consultant in Jharkhand we will deal with everything. We have lead generation experts that will implement, monitor, and upgrade the campaigns to make them successful.

Recommend digital marketing strategies:- Lead generation is definitely not a single methodology that we offer. It includes advanced strategies that help to produce quality leads for your business. We apply other advanced promoting techniques that bring amazing results for your brand.

Track your result through analytics:- Lead generation is something powerful, but if you are not observing it consistently it will not be fruitful. But with an inquiry generation company in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, you can be guaranteed that your campaigns are checked, tracked and get results.

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Facebook Display Leads

Generate quality leads and sales from campaigns.

We produce engaging Banner and contents for our customers and show it on users feeds and stories on Facebook and Instagram to come up with business Leads.

 Cost per lead : Rs. 25/- to 100/- (Approx)


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We develop effective paid campaigns to meet your marketing target..

There are many tools to get more business leads, It depends on how many Enquiries/Day do you want? We focus on Google Search Marketing - SEO, SEM and Facebook Display Marketing to generate more quality leads and cost effective..
We do best practice to bring your prospective customers on your website and focuse on contents and encourage to your visitors to leave their contact details on your website if he/she interested to buy the products. .Yes, We can can say its 100% qualified...
Lead generation rate is depend on your industry and digital marketing platform, where you are promoted to generate Leads. We can say CPL will be Approx. Rs. 25/- to Rs. 250 /-
We have different approaches and methods like SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing and Video Marketing.
Yes, We do for Both. If you are looking more and more, you have a higher level of expertise, precision and support to handle these high value sales leads.
As a marketing partner, We do advice Step by Step on how to build the most effective follow-up to convert them.
We have worked for 100+ customers for Google lead generation and Facebook Leads Ads in India, we delivered more than their expectations. Our clients are from Jharkhand, Bihar, West Bengal, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujrat etc.

10 Years of Experience

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Team understands the client's needs and his business maket to use the right tools to generate leads.