Institute Management System

Institute Management System software

➜ This software is most usefull for Institute and College.

➜ The Education industry is on edge of a radical change.

➜ Need of software/IT solutions is increasing with the growth in the Education industry.

➜ Educational institutes need to have robust and integrated management software for their day to day operation.

➜ To become The next-generation education provider this industry needs.

➜ IT solutions which will help education industry prove itself equal to their counterparts elsewhere in the world.


This software covers accounting, management, Library, Certificates, Inventory and many more.

  • Master
  • Admin.
  • Receptionist.
  • Librarian.
    • Comprehensive student records management
    • From the time of Registration till the time of student leaving the institute.
    • This is Highly secure and login authenticated system.
    • Search any student’s info Only with enrollment no.
    • You can get All Kind of Report for all activies of Institute through one click,

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