Online Test Series

Online Test Series

  • The whole exam process and also simplifies the evaluation process. Using this amazing tool, colleges can get rid of long examination formalities such as question paper creation, populating candidate's registration details and further evaluating.
  • To manage its resources with optimal efficiency, Institute management need to have robust and integrated Online Testing & assessment software to give the exact exam environment.
  • multiple sets of question papers of every subject can be created without putting in much effort and time.
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    We provide just platform to be conduction online test of enrolled students under any course or subject in a batch of any Institutes with branding Institute's name. All registered institutes can use this application for conductioning online test at any centre/batch. We provide 2 panel for operating which includes Manage User, Manage Exam, Manage Question paper, result, Analysis and more.

  • Admin.
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    • Test Series Management : In this module admin can create section/s as per test requirement. He can set limitation with each section (like number of question, marks per question and passing marks for a particular section.)
    • Question Bank Management : Admin can add question as per section wise in each test series either by adding one by one or import multi question from excel/word file.
    • Batch Management : Admin is not bound to take test in a particular field while he is free to take a test for various category like Engineering, Medical, Banking, SSC, Academics, GATE, IIT-JAM etc. After creating batch, admin schedule test series in a particular batch.
    • Test Management : As per requirement of Institutes, We create examination envirnment and can allow them.
    • You can get All Kind of Report for all activies of Institute through one click,

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