Wordpress Shared Hosting


Wordpress Shared Hosting

Just what you need for a Basic Web Presence


No need for any legwork - Your Wordpress hosting comes pre-configured with the latest version and is ready-to-use the moment you buy it.


Get a time machine for all your Wordpress sites. With CodeGuard automatically set up for any site you create, your data is always protected and regularly backed up.


No need to worry about viruses or hacking attempts. All your Wordpress sites will be regularly scanned for malware with SiteLock's.


Any patches or version upgrades released by Wordpress are automatically installed, not only making your sites future-proof but also more secure.

Dual E5530 2.40GHz Xeon quad core hyperthreaded processors


250 GB RAID 1 (mirrored) OS drive

1 TB RAID 1 (mirrored) customer data drive cached

Battery backed, RAID controller for all drives

Redundant Power, HVAC & Fire-Detection Systems

ASP.NET 4.0, PHP 5.2x, Ajax Toolkit, cURL

IIS 7.5

MS SQL 2012, MySQL 5.0.X

ionCube Loader

Create Hosting Plans

Set up and Modify Customer Accounts

Track traffic Usage by each Customer

Brand your plesk panel

Add custom buttons

Dedicated Plesk Panel for Clients

Upload and Manage Web Pages

View Website Statistics

Install Over 250 Scripts with a single click

Having explored and developed iPhone app for various industries, we cater to serve in following areas like:

Outlook, Thunderbird and Windows Mail compatible

Blackberry, iPhone, Android and PDA support

Feature packed Webmail

Advance Spam/Virus Protection

Mail Forwards, Email Aliases, Auto Responders

Unlimited Mailing Lists, Catch All Accounts, Mail Spam Filters

Parked Domains

Free DNS Management

Domain Forwarding, Path Forwarding, URL Masking