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Now it’s the time to rethink about your business. You are at the right place to charge your business with Anax Corporation Of India. We are the best lead generation company in Jharkhand, India.

 Cost per lead : Rs. 100/- to 250/- (Approx)

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Rs. 250

Rs. 100

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Get leads of Google search.

Do you need lead generation service?

Lead generation service helps to expand the call closing rates which helps the business acquire profits. ANAXCO is considered as top lead generation agency in Jharkhand. We as a leading lead generation company advice our client to take such services to increase the business. Our lead generation expert team applies best strategy which is suitable for clients business to enhance quality leads.

→ Anax Corporation mainly generates Leads from Google Search Network and Its Partners Site, which give more conversion for any business.

→ As per client profile we set target audience for Leads on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube.

  • Google Search leads
  • lead generation on social media
  • lead generation on YouTube
  • Real estate lead generators
  • Educational Business Leads
  • Medical & Appointment Leads
  • Packers and Movers Leads
  • Admission consultant
  • Travels & Car Booking
  • Car Service Leads
  • Hotel Booking

Anax works with the right focus.

ANAXCO makes a campaigns according to your target area, item keywords, your budget, age group, visitors occupation, gender, whom to show the ads and not to show etc. 

Target Audiance:- It is not easy to reach and make a deal with the right customer if you are not aware who are they. So Anax professionals do the research and originate a better picture of who is the prospect, where are they from, what they exactly want, how much they earn, and how their lifestyle and personality are like, etc..

Promotional mode:- They choose a promotional mode keenly that showcases the product and services for the target audience. They utilize different ideas that consist of enlightening website, a blog, social media communities, utter engagement, referrals by the current customers, pay per click (PPC) advertisement, etc.

Improve conversion rates:- They improve conversion rates to increase the search ads, the landing page, inclusive website performance to ameliorate the conversion rate. They ideally believe to get maximum proportion of how visitors can convert.

Final thought Anax Corporation specializes in connecting their customers with more leads. A right DIGITAL MARKETING Agency which can generate lead campaigns which is quite effective for their clients.

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Digital Marketing Agency

As an digital marketing Agency, We work for Several companies to Develop thier Business
based on Online Marketing strategy.

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Facebook Display Leads

Generate quality leads and sales from campaigns.

We produce engaging Banner and contents for our customers and show it on users feeds and stories on Facebook and Instagram to get quality Leads.

 Cost per lead : Rs. 50/- to 100/- (Approx)


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We develop effective paid campaigns to meet your marketing target..

There are many tools to get more business leads, It depends on how many Enquiries/Day do you want? We focus on Google Search Marketing - SEO, SEM and Facebook Display Marketing to generate more quality leads and cost effective..
We do best practice to bring your prospective customers on your website and focuse on contents and encourage to your visitors to leave their contact details on your website if he/she interested to buy the products. .Yes, We can can say its 100% qualified...
Lead generation rate is depend on your industry and digital marketing platform, where you are promoted to generate Leads. We can say CPL will be Approx. Rs. 25/- to Rs. 250 /-
We have different approaches and methods like SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing and Video Marketing.
Yes, We do for Both. If you are looking more and more, you have a higher level of expertise, precision and support to handle these high value sales leads.
As a marketing partner, We do advice Step by Step on how to build the most effective follow-up to convert them.
We have worked for 100+ customers for Google lead generation and Facebook Leads Ads in India, we delivered more than their expectations. Our clients are from Jharkhand, Bihar, West Bengal, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gujrat etc.

12+ Years of Experience

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Team understands the client's needs and his business maket to use the right tools to generate leads.